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We are JR Copier of Minnesota, LLC, Today, we're a well-established group; specializing in the maintenance and repair of copiers, printers in Minneapolis | St. Paul areas.warrantylog-sl2d-f6od.jpg

Since the mid-nineties we have been able to purchase and resell VERY LOW-METERED commercial grade copiers, and laser printers from leasing company returns. These machines, which were leased as new equipment, were returned at the end of a three-year lease in almost like-new condition because the first lessee hardly used them during that time. We can sell or lease you one of these units for more than 55% less than the best discounted price when sold as new! You have to remember the copier dealer only makes money by selling new equipment, the manufacturers force them to meet quotas so they can sell more to make a profit, the technology in most cases remains the same and what changes is the outside look of the equipment.

What does refurbished actually mean?

What that means is we take low meter machines and completely inspect, clean and replace any worn components. We then ensure that everything is working properly before we put them up for sale. We can then provide these units at a significant savings for you. We also provide a warranty period that meets or exceeds the original manufacturers warranty.

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